Curses, charms, spells, hexes

Curses, charms, spells, chexes, conjuring and predicting the future – it is not removed from the arsenal museum vocabulary or dusty archives – writes the editor-in-chief in the introduction to the September issue of Monthly Exorcist.

How to deal with this phenomenon? How ever understand the curse? What steps are taken? First of all, you should take the mission of evangelization and systematically raise religious consciousness. That is why the theme of this number are the curses and curses.

Father Andrzej Grefkowicz exorcist of the Archdiocese of Warsaw in the article How to Overcome the effectiveness of magic? This explains why spells can act and how we can and provide immediate protection against these barbs devil. First, if you wish someone bad, it will come first of all to you. Second, if someone throws curses at you, you need not worry – live able grace, pray, the sacraments, read Scripture, and you will be protected by the power that flows from the Cross. – We read in the certificate Margaret. Father Mikhail, Orthodox priest, on the pages of Monthly Exorcist also encouraged to brave the duration of the Cross – one can not serve both God and the spirit of occultism.

The curse for a man to separate from Christ, as a consequence of such an attitude is eternal damnation. And the consequence of blessing is eternal happiness with Jesus. – Notes Dorota Mazur article Scripture about curses.

The power of words and the Word says longtime exorcist Father of Lichen. Edmund Szaniawski. There are people who reporting to the exorcists, expect immediate assistance on the basis of a magic wand, without their own effort. Meanwhile, the assistance may come then, heavy-dy man himself open when he enters the path of faith, be reconciled to God sort out their inner life, conscience, will take a good confession. Only then help the priest can be effective. That is why cooperation is important. – Explains the priest.

The ministry of St. exorcists. Vincent Pallotti we read in the article, Dr. Jadwiga finches. The friar was the founder of not only schools, companies of credit, but also due to fight with Satan. He witnessed one particular exorcism – help needed priest beset by evil spirits. Another case concerned spells.

Reason and faith, science and the Gospel are two ways of development of the human mind and spirit. It is, however, more and more of those who choose the third way, forbidden by God. It is a way of magic with all its simple set of prescriptions and solutions. It hides the insatiable desire to become independent and to be independent from God, the desire to create history and human destiny. It is as old as the world denounced the temptation by the serpent in paradise: You will be like God (Gen 3: 5) – talking about. Dr. Jerzy Skawroń OCarm

Is the artist such as David Bowie anything goes? Why musician mocks Christianity and ridicules the Last Supper and the Assumption? These questions are answered Gregory Kasjaniuk.

In history there was no shortage of prominent women who were able in your life to bring to perfection the two virtues: the ability to govern the state and personal Christian perfection. One of them was a little-known St. Pulcheria. Jerzy Adam Świdziński devoted her next draft of the department Portraits Saints.

Dr. Vincent Łaszewski tells the story of the Madonna of the Andes; On the other hand, Grzegorz Upper writes about the utopian ideas of Simone de Beauvoir; We talk with Matthew Środoniem, writer of icons; Article prof. S. Barra of the case, which is, according to the Plan; Dr. Roman Zajac exposes Satan as an abuser of human right; We present relationship with the Forum and Charismatic in Szczecin under the slogan: Jesus conquered Satan defeated; Paulina says about intervention Guardian Angel, who saved her life twice.